Motion Ettlin and the 3rd Pillar: A Juggling Act in Financial Politics


Motion Ettlin and the 3rd Pillar: A Juggling Act in Financial Politics

So, the Swiss Council of States has activated its "Pillar of Surprises" – the Ettlin Motion, which dives into the topic of contributions to the 3rd pillar, seems to be orchestrating quite the acrobatic legal spectacle. Back in the autumn of 2019, this idea took the stage, aiming to offer a chance for those who were somewhat reserved with their deposits into the third pillar in previous years to catch up.

A glance at the choreography of events reveals: After the Council of States, even the National Council gave its nod on June 2nd, 2020. Quite the double somersault in the political arena. The mission: The Federal Council is tasked with adjusting legal foundations so that those who wish to engage in a financial fitness routine for their 3rd pillar have the opportunity to do so.

Yet, behind the scenes, it seems there's some serious juggling and balancing going on. The regulations should allow contributions only once every five years, capped at around 34,000 Swiss Francs. And that's even though some might prefer to toss a bit more into the air. As if that weren't enough circus, pre-purchases for real estate are deducted from this juggling amount.

But wait a minute, there's another group involved – those with gaps in their careers. Particularly mothers, who during these periods have been juggling diapers rather than AHV income. According to Ettlin's vision, they shouldn't be left empty-handed either. Sounds like quite the artistic performance.

However, the main performer – the Federal Council – seems to be rather enjoying the show. Or perhaps, they're not quite inside the administrative circus tent yet? The performance keeps getting longer, and we're sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for the curtain to rise on the implementation of the Ettlin Motion.

Maybe the Federal Council is out there seeking the finest juggling balls or practicing a few more tricks. We can only hope that the encore isn't too far away and that those who want to invest in the 3rd pillar will finally take the stage. Until then, we'll continue to follow this dizzying spectacle with interest – perhaps with a hint of popcorn in hand.

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