Do you want the first solution that comes along? Or the best?

You'll find a pension or investment opportunity without us. But how can you be sure that you're not being sold too much and that the price is right?

That's exactly why we exist. Because we are one of the few independent services on the market. That's why we can give you neutral and completely transparent advice.

What does that mean for you?

We compare for you and suggest better or cheaper alternatives if necessary. We also impart knowledge and explain why we recommend a particular offer.

Your big advantage: you always have the choice. You can find the best provider on the market for every financial, pension and insurance solution and still have an overview of everything in a single app.

Does Caveo also earn money?

Yes, indeed. We receive remuneration from the insurance companies when we conclude contracts. However, as we work with all major providers, we have no conflicts of interest. We act exclusively in your interests and are happy to disclose our income.

We may charge you a fee for certain services (for example, detailed personal tax advice). We will of course inform you of this in advance.

Which company is behind Caveo?

None, neither a bank nor a tech company. We come from the pensions sector and in 2019 we saw that Switzerland had a great need for a simple app from an independent provider. So we developed Caveo.

As we are still small, we act quickly and unbureaucratically. You can test this by getting in touch with us.

Our team

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