With our dual expertise, we reinvent the rules between banks, insurance companies and their customers.

Our advantages

With our holistic and conflict-of-interest-free consulting, we make sure to implement the right solutions in the hands of the right providers.

We are obliged by law (Art. 183 AVO) to act on your behalf and not on behalf of financial institutions like bank or insurance advisors.

We advise exclusively on the basis of established scientific findings - evidence-based and prognosis-free.

Through our efficient and structured consulting process, we minimize your time spent on administrative work to the necessary minimum.

Through our multilingualism (German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, and Danish), we have a deeper empathy for the needs of our national and international customers - be it at home or abroad. We understand you.

Our form of remuneration is simple. It takes the form of a 'risk/assets under management fee' or on a fee basis.

This fact generates an added value for the customer, ensuring that a long-term, binding, and personal partnership is established and kept.

Our vision

We are convinced that financial advisory services must become significantly better.
We want to offer financial advice that is fit for the future, while at the same time remembering our virtues as craftsmen.
Customers deserve more choice, competition, transparency and commitment so that banks and insurance companies keep what they promise.
We want to give clients back control over their asset development and risk protection making sure they meet their financial goals and wishes.

Our mission

We want to give clients back control over their asset development and risk protection making sure they meet their financial goals and wishes.
We ensure that the banks and insurance companies involved act in a binding manner and permanently realise an optimal solution in your interest at fair costs.
We link - initially and on an ongoing basis - all your existing assets, risk building blocks and human capital, through our dual advisory process.
Together with you, we develop a customised and holistic architecture for your pension & assets and risk protection. Based on your individually defined catalogue of requirements, we continuously and systematically review the selection of the right partners, monitor and control their activities and can thus efficiently identify and exploit optimisation potential.

Our independence

Use our efficient and structured advisory process to your advantage. Most bank or insurance advisors are only concerned with the liquid assets they manage or the insurance component they oversee. This leads to a patchwork of assets instead of an optimization of your overall situation. We tie together all of your existing assets, risk building blocks, and your human capital.

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