The one app for all your finances.

It's almost always about money. And Caveo always helps you when it comes to money. Do you want to make provisions so that you have enough later? But without restricting yourself today? We'll also show you how to save on taxes and protect your loved ones.

The best thing: at Caveo you have an app and a contact person for all your questions. Just ask us.

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Do you look old when you're old? Do our preventive check

Many Swiss people do not take care of their pension provision in good time. This comes back to haunt them later. Do you want to know how well prepared you are?

Take the test in just a few minutes. It's worth it: we'll tell you exactly what gaps you have and how you can close them.

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We make complex things simple.


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Savings potential in the first 6 months

10x more efficient

than traditional providers

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More pension assets for our customers

What Caveo offers you


From life insurance to legal protection, liability and health insurance: security is important. Caveo advises you so that it doesn't cost too much.


Do you want to grow old but not look old? Caveo shows you how much money you'll need when you retire and how you can manage to save enough.


According to a non-representative survey of Caveo customers, 100% of all Swiss people pay too much tax. The good news: there are legal tricks to save money with the tax authorities.


Build up reserves or buy something specific: Find out how best to invest your money to achieve your goals.

Own home

So that your dream of owning your own four walls doesn't stop there: Caveo shows you how much money you need and what you need to consider when taking out a mortgage.

We can't do everything. But almost.

Analyze your pension provision

Our calculator will tell you in 5 minutes how well you are covered for later.

Analyze your pension provision

Advice at the touch of a button

Book a call and we will answer your questions personally.

Advice at the touch of a button

Handle everything digitally

We never ring your doorbell and we're happy to do without paper, are you?

Handle everything digitally

Give you an overview

Thanks to Caveo, you know what insurance you have and how much it costs.

Give you an overview

Compare insurances

Upload your existing policy or tell us what you need. We'll find the best offer for you.

Compare insurances

Keeping documents for you

Policies, tax returns, pension plans: thanks to us, you have access to everything you never found before.

Keeping documents for you

What have you got from us?

The market for pension plans, financial offers and insurance is impenetrable. The contracts are complicated and written in such a way that many people are unable to understand and compare them.

That's exactly why we exist. We bring you transparency and clarity. Thanks to us, you'll understand the small print and find out which offers you really need.

At the same time, we help you to find favorable fees and tariffs. Because we are independent and can only stand up for your interests.

See for yourself.

The best thing to do is to test us. The pension calculator, for example, shows you in three minutes how well you are covered for the future and all eventualities. Without obligation. Try it out.

Caveo Insurance Rating: Your insurance check

Compare your insurance policy with all offers in Switzerland in no time at all and save directly on your insurance premium!

Any questions?

Why is Caveo free and still earns money? How does our collaboration work? Do I need a smartphone for Caveo? You can find these and many more answers in the FAQ.

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Do you have any more questions?

Whether it's pillar 3a, shares in your portfolio or life insurance: we have an answer to everything. At least when it comes to financial questions. What would you like to know?

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