An independent financial coach for all your employees.

Caveo helps all your company's employees with a team of experts and a modern app to master the topics of pensions, insurance and taxes, so that employees feel less stressed and more comfortable.

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Financial wellbeing is becoming increasingly important.


of employees say that financial worries are the #1 source of stress.


The Swiss population's concern is the cost of health insurance


The main concern of the Swiss is their pension provision in old age

Personal support from qualified experts

  • Personal advice via messages or video call

  • Certified and independent financial planners

  • Many years of experience

State-of-the-art financial advice

Caveo stands for experienced experts and top qualifications - for sound support that creates trust.

CaveoOther market participants
IndependenceAdvice without conflicts of interest, not tied to banks or insurance companies.Often linked to specific products or services.
Consulting approachEvidence-based and prognosis-free, based on scientific findings.Possibly sales- or commission-driven, not always evidence-based.
Technological platformDigital hub with Caveo Insurance & Pension Platform(CIPP) for data-driven automation.Traditional consulting models, possibly less technologically advanced.
Customer experienceOver 30,000 customer consultations, in-depth understanding of customer needs.Different levels of experience, possibly less customer-oriented.
DigitizationFocus on digitalization and efficiency, reduction of administrative workload.Possibly less digitized, more manual process.
Customer orientationThe aim is to optimize the financial health of customers, including financial education.The focus can be more on sales than on the customer's well-being.
MultilingualismServices in several languages, international orientation.Possibly limited in linguistic or international reach.
Fee structureTransparent remuneration model, services for customers generally free of charge.Fee structure may be less transparent, possibly cost to the customer.
Memberships and complianceMember of relevant organizations, compliance beyond legal requirements.Compliance can vary, memberships are not always given.
Sustainability and social responsibilityCommitted to social and ecological goals.Sustainability and social responsibility can be less emphasized.

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