Bye bye paperwork. Hello Caveo. Handle all your insurance and pension topics in one single app.

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All your insurances in your back pocket

Days of dealing with endless paperwork are over. With Caveo, you have all your insurance and pension policies stored and arranged in one app. Ready when you need them.

All your insurances in your back pocket

We make sure that you are optimally equipped for the future in terms of insurance and pension provision.

No matter where you are insured - we manage all your policies for you. This means that in the future you will only have one contact person for all your insurance and pension matters.

Make a claim

A personal assistant is only for superstars? In that case, you're now a superstar.

You've moved and want to change your address? Or do you want to cancel an insurance policy on time? Just let us know in the chat and we'll take care of the rest for you.

Request offer

You need a mobile phone, ID, no documents and 3 minutes.

We bring order and clarity to the topics of insurance and provision. In doing so, we are not tied to banks or insurance companies - but work entirely in your interest.



Register with your mobile number.



Confirm that Caveo is allowed to advise you and represent you to your insurers.



Verify your details with a photo of your ID card.


Lean back

You’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

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