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You get divorced - this happens to your pension fund assets.


You get divorced - this happens to your pension fund assets.

You don't wish it on anyone, but still 50% of couples are affected, at Caveo we bet on transparency. Calculate how your BVG account will be split at divorce.

The pension fund assets are divided equally between the spouses. The basis for the calculation is the length of the marriage - i.e. the period from the date of marriage to the date of divorce. Interest that has accumulated during the marriage is also taken into account. Important: If separation of property was agreed in a contract before the marriage, this has no effect on pension fund splitting. The separation of property only applies to assets that already existed before the marriage.

Incidentally, the spouse who benefits from the pension fund splitting (credit balance) does not receive the money. Instead, it is transferred directly to the pension fund. If you or your partner are not affiliated with any pension fund and are younger than 59, the pension fund balance is transferred to a vested benefits account or a vested benefits custody account. Corresponding products are offered by banks and insurance companies - we will be happy to help you find the right solution.

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