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Why Home ownership & risk protection go hand in hand


Why Home ownership & risk protection go hand in hand

Buying property is a striking event, both financially and emotionally. With the long-term commitment to a location, new dependencies and risks arise. To ensure that home ownership remains a positive experience, it is important to anticipate and plan for changing life situations in good time, not only at the time of purchase but also in the years thereafter.

The new mortgage

In the current low interest rate environment, fixed-rate mortgages seem very attractive and interesting. In principle, an individual financial and mortgage analysis should always be made: Personal budget, evaluation of the mortgage duration and type (amortization) as well as: a comprehensive risk and pension analysis including the tax- and estate planning aspects.

The renewal, restructuring of an existing mortgage

An existing mortgage strategy is often not adapted to the changing needs, although in the course of life various parameters change completely. It is therefore strategically important to take things such as current interest rates, career and family changes or interest savings, into consideration, when renewing a fixed-term mortgage.

The mortgage after retirement

Home owners after retirement face a new challenge: changing regulatory guidelines regarding affordability, value-preserving or value-enhancing renovations and conversions in view of a possible sale. A prominent topic is thus the transfer of assets to descendants – just remember to keep the tax consequences for all parties involved, in mind.

What benefits can you, as our client, expect from us relating to mortgage planning?

The mortgage specialists at Caveo offer you:

  • The best and most attractive mortgage solutions, thanks to our digital platform on which the financing of residential property can be made within just a few minutes.
  • Through our partner, "Credit Exchange AG", you benefit from very favorable mortgage interest rates and the very best advice.
  • An exact analysis of your mortgage needs and the resulting financial risks, which can be covered by your insurance and or pension policies.

We look forward to advising you.

Your Caveo Team

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