Which apps you don't need on vacation - and which ones you do.


Which apps you don't need on vacation - and which ones you do.

With this app your vacations will be really relaxing.

Summer is approaching, then not only the stress should travel and the bad mood depart. Many of us also want to spend a few days of vacation carefree. But how do you really relax? We recommend you delete a few apps (or at least turn off their push notifications):

Email, Teams, Slack & co.? Wonderful, but do you really want to read customer feedback when you're lying on the beach? Get rid of it.

More useful are apps that let you order cabs, translate texts, find restaurants, read books or listen to podcasts. But do you already know the ultimate life hack?

Then keep your ears open. Because as we all know, vacations aren't so relaxing when something stupid happens. If you get robbed, a flight is cancelled, you have an accident or whatever. In this case, you need someone to support you quickly. For example Caveo.

We help you quickly and unbureaucratically. You can also find all your insurances in our app. So you can check at any time in the Nevada desert or on the beach in Phuket whether your travel insurance covers this or that damage.

To make sure you have a carefree vacation, download our app before you go. You can find it here for iOS and here for Android .

If you don't have travel insurance yet, now is a good time to take it out. You can book a call directly in the app and get advice.

But for now, we wish you a carefree vacation. The kind where you hopefully won't need your insurance!


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