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The Need for a Fourth Pillar in Retirement Planning: The Role of Financial Literacy


The Need for a Fourth Pillar in Retirement Planning: The Role of Financial Literacy


The Swiss pension system is renowned for its three-pillar structure: the first pillar being the OASI (Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance), the second pillar occupational retirement provisions (pension funds), and the third pillar private retirement savings. But is this sufficient? Philippe Muntwyler, the CEO of Caveo, believes that a fourth pillar in retirement planning is indispensable: Financial Literacy. In this blog post, we'll delve into the concept of this fourth pillar and the significance of the Caveo B2B2E platform.

Why a Fourth Pillar?

As Philippe Muntwyler emphasizes, the existing three-pillar system often falls short in maintaining one's lifestyle post-retirement. Particularly for the "Retirees of the Day After Tomorrow," meaning the younger generation aged 25 and up, the topic of financial education becomes increasingly relevant. It's not just about amassing sufficient funds but also about how this wealth is intelligently built and managed.

Financial Literacy as a Key Concept

Financial literacy involves much more than just a grasp of numbers. It’s about acquiring skills in areas such as saving, investing, debt management, and insurance. Financial literacy teaches us to understand the difference between liquidity (money for immediate needs) and longevity (funds for retirement). The Caveo B2B2E platform is dedicated to this education and offers tools for sustainable financial planning.

Caveo: A Mission in Financial Education

Caveo pursues a clear mission: the organization aims to bridge the wealth gap through financial education and digital tools. Their commitment lies in transparency, simplicity, and affordability. The Caveo B2B2E platform particularly targets the younger generation to sensitize them to the subject of retirement planning at an early age.

Why Act Now?

Age comes quicker than we anticipate, and financial provision is a process that requires time. "Start now" is more than just a slogan; it is an appeal to take retirement planning seriously and to act proactively.


While the Swiss three-pillar system provides a robust foundation for financial provision in retirement, a fourth pillar—Financial Literacy—is needed. Caveo has identified this gap and offers valuable resources through its B2B2E platform to build and apply financial knowledge. It’s time for all of us to recognize the importance of this fourth pillar and actively work on incorporating it into our retirement planning strategies.

The future starts now—let’s shape it together.

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