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Talking about money is as romantic as plastic flowers.


Talking about money is as romantic as plastic flowers.

How was your Valentine's Day? If you're a florist, congratulations on your sales. If you're not: It's also worthwhile for you to talk about money. Even though it might be as romantic as plastic flowers.

Your butterflies in the stomach do not feed on air and love. It gets even more expensive when you get married, because then most people pay more taxes. Not to mention the baby, which not only turns your everyday life upside down, but also causes some changes in your wallet. Do you want to work part-time? Can you afford it? Daycare places aren't supposed to be completely free, and maybe the baby will want to go to university in a few years.

Now it's about to get even less romantic: It's possible that your love may not last forever. Then - especially for women, which is unfortunately still the case - there may be gaps in the provision. 

Are you so much in love that you can imagine growing old together? Then you should also talk about money together. Maybe not on Valentine's Day, but there are still 364 days left in the year. We at Caveo are happy to help you as a couple. We can advise you on taxes, retirement planning and asset accumulation, and help you make sure that money doesn't suddenly become your enemy. As you can see, we can do almost as much as a couple's therapist, and we're free of charge.

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