Secure the big future for the "little ones


Secure the big future for the "little ones

The topic of "private pension provision" is widely discussed in the media. But have you ever asked yourself how your children are insured in case of an accident or illness? This uncomfortable and emotional topic is often not given enough "attention" or is very rarely addressed by customer advisors in pension consulting. We see it differently - let's talk about it.

One thing is certain: if a disability occurs during childhood, the state IV benefits are insufficient. A child who becomes disabled receives only 133% of the minimum IV pension (around CHF 19,000) per year as an adult. In addition to the emotional burden, it is also a Herculean financial task for many families. This is because subsequent insurance against disability is no longer possible in the event of occurrence.

In order to be independent of the state, we recommend that you take out risk insurance for children. This is cheaper than you think. Depending on the provider, you can, for example, insure your child for CHF 150.- per year with a considerable child pension (CHF 24,000.-), which is paid out annually in the event of a claim.

You don't want to deal with this topic in depth? No problem - that's what we are here for: As a Caveo customer, you will receive a free risk analysis for your child(ren) and we will look for the most attractive child pension on the market for you.

Book a free consultation - and secure the great future for the "little ones".


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