Retirement planning for women: 7 tips for a secure future


Retirement planning for women: 7 tips for a secure future

Equal rights are advancing. Nevertheless, women in Switzerland receive on average one third less pension than men. Reasons for this include maternity leave or part-time work due to childcare. Here we give you 7 tips on how you can still make good provisions for your old age.

1. fact check

Sit down on a free afternoon and check your current situation. Do you already have special pension policies? How much money is already in the second pillar? What is your situation and where could it go in the future? Professionally, but also privately - are you planning to get married? Or are you toying with the idea of having children? These are many questions that can make your head spin. We would be happy to help you get more clarity about your situation with a free consultation. Just get in touch with us!

2. define precautionary goals

What are your standards? How comfortably do you want to live in old age? And how much do you want to or can you invest in your old age according to your current financial situation in order to live comfortably now? You can answer these questions with an evaluation of your current financial situation. And it can help you set different goals for the near and distant future.

3. invest in the 3rd pillar

Many people in Switzerland rely on their occupational pension plan (AHV), their partner or their employer to provide for them in their old age. But you can also take the whole thing into your own hands. For example, by investing in the 3rd pillar. If you have any questions about the 3rd pillar, we will be happy to help you answer them.

4. regular check-ups with a professional

Planning for retirement cannot be checked off with one "session". Because just as our lives can change, so too do adjustments need to be made to our retirement planning. As a Caveo client, you are well taken care of in this regard. Because we work dynamically and accompany our customers individually throughout the years, regularly suggesting savings tips and optimization options. Whether it's insurance or retirement planning.

5 Securing a mortgage

It's not something you like to talk about - but you should do it anyway. For many women, mortgages represent a high financial risk if they are taken out jointly with their partner. In the unfortunate event of a partner's death, not every woman is able to handle the mortgage. We will be happy to help you evaluate all possible scenarios.

6. avoid AHV contribution gaps

Perhaps you have already taken an extended maternity leave, a part-time job or a period of training. Have you made sure that all years of AHV contributions are covered by the minimum payments? This should be checked, because gaps in the AHV have a negative effect on the pension - but can possibly be filled later.

7 Early planning

"Pensions are for old people" - yes, but only if you plan early. Moving the right levers usually doesn't cost much money (and with our help, not much effort either :-)), but it pays off massively. And not only in old age, but already now. Because the money you pay into the third pillar, for example, can be deducted from your taxes up to a certain amount.

In case all this is too much for you, there's us. As a Caveo customer, you not only have all your insurance and pension policies practically combined in one app, but also the most straightforward and competent advisory service in Switzerland. Register now and get the app!


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