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Real estate value: How to determine the market value?


Real estate value: How to determine the market value?

The first step to real estate value and market value is a real estate appraisal. We tell you in a few minutes what your property is worth and then guide you through the sales process.

If you are thinking about selling your apartment, house, property or land, the first thing you want to know is the approximate market value of your property. Right?

Real estate valuation: very simple

Today, this is very simple and can be done easily with an online real estate appraisal: You answer a few questions and immediately get a first estimate of the real estate value. You have already taken the first step towards the successful sale of your house or apartment.

Real estate appraisal: What information / documents do I need?

You should also be prepared for the online real estate appraisal. You should have the following information ready:

  • Type of property (apartment, house, real estate, etc.)
  • Year of construction of the building
  • Number of rooms
  • Area of land and living space
  • Address of the property

Property valuation with the Caveo online calculator

With Caveo's online calculator, you can instantly get a solid estimate of the market value for your property. An online property valuation is always an estimate. The timing of the valuation is a relevant factor for the sale, because the property value is always changing.

Why does it need the help of a Caveo financial advisor?

Selling a property has its pitfalls. The involvement of a professional protects you from expensive mistakes and saves you a lot of work. We handle the purchase or sale for you in close consultation with you. Caveo has qualified, locally based and experienced real estate experts who will personally guide you through the next steps and guarantee you a digital & comprehensive service from A to Z when selling/buying your property.

What are the valuation methods?

There are three different methods of valuing a property and determining its market value: the comparative value method, the asset value method and the capitalized earnings value method.

The so-called hedonic valuation belongs to the comparative value methods. It leads to the most reliable real estate valuation thanks to the inclusion of data from open market transactions and actual real estate sales. The hedonic valuation is the basis for most online valuations - including ours.

Your advantage with Caveo

  • Holistic consulting - added value through overview
  • Dual competencies - efficient and structured
  • No conflicts of interest - committed to the client, not the financial institution. Scientific Our consulting approach - evidence-based and forecast-free
  • Remuneration - transparent, simple and fair
  • Owner-managed - a long-term commitment

Let's Go: What is the market value of my property?

With a real estate appraisal from Caveo, you get an initial indication of the market value of your property. A software calculates the real estate value of your house, property or building based on the location, as well as the sales prices of similar objects.

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