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Quantum leap for personal financial planning: Caveo launches an app for all finances that offers simple, optimised control over pensions, insurance and taxes - with a reminder function


Quantum leap for personal financial planning: Caveo launches an app for all finances that offers simple, optimised control over pensions, insurance and taxes - with a reminder function

Efficient analysis, management, and optimization of pensions, insurance, and taxes via app. Caveo enables a robo-advisor-based, personalised, and tax-optimised financial strategy with a reminder function that covers all pension assets and insurance policies.

(Zurich) Caveo, Switzerland’s first independent, data-driven, automated pension and advisory tech company, is officially launching its app. It offers its clients a solution that gives them continuous control over their wealth situation. In addition to pensions and insurance, the Caveo app also offers tax advice on a fee basis as a central component of its services, considering all assets.

Avoiding over- insurance and a deterioration in living standards after retirement.

“The challenges in the area of insurance and pensions are well known,” says Philippe Muntwyler, CEO and co-founder of Caveo. Two-thirds of the population cannot maintain their standard of living after retirement; many unknowingly take high risks, whilst others are overinsured and spend money unnecessarily year after year.

The reasons for these shortcomings are no secret. Insurance, pension provision and wealth planning are incredibly complex issues that are not easy to understand and are often put off. It also doesn’t help that the insurance policies and accounts usually come from different providers, and hardly anyone has a complete overview.

Personal risk analysis in just a few minutes; independent financial advice via app

Caveo continuously optimises the mix of pension provision, insurance and investments. The app achieves this with an automated advisory process that displays the analysis results within a few minutes. Conventional pension analyses take around two weeks and require at least two consultation appointments. After receiving the financial analysis, users can book a personal consultation appointment directly via the app to plan the best financial and pension solution together with an independent financial expert. To ensure that users’ interests are served exclusively, Caveo works with independent, employed financial advisors who receive fixed salaries and do not work on a commission basis.

Continuous policy optimisation thanks to Insur-Rating - with a reminder function

Caveo ensures the selection of the optimal insurance policies with an “insur-rating”: an automated and data-based insurance comparison that monitors risks and continuously optimises policies. The area of pensions is also analysed using a personalised risk analysis and robo-advisor to enable comprehensive pension planning. It is always based on scientific findings, evidence-based, and forecast-free. A reminder function ensures that the ongoing optimisation of policies is not forgotten.

Tax advice included

The service is rounded off by fee-based tax advice, which considers all other assets. “We want to empower our customers to take control of their financial situation and only achieve their financial goals. Accordingly, providing financial education is also important to us. There is an integrated chat function that answers all questions promptly”, says Chantal Heinis Hiroz, CFO and co-founder.

Savings of CHF 2,000 per year for customers and up to CHF 50,000 more, on average, in retirement assets

Experience shows that controlling asset development and risk protection pays off. Thanks to the continuous optimisation of pension provision, insurance, and a good tax strategy, clients have saved an average of around CHF 2,000 per year and generated an average of up to CHF 50,000 more in retirement assets.

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