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Proper pension advice and why it’s so crucial!


Proper pension advice and why it’s so crucial!

Which private pension is right for you depends entirely on your individual life situation. Do you have a family? Are you a single parent? Are you a cohabiting couple? Are you a homeowner or are you self-employed? All these factors can influence and determine your ideal pension solution. Together with us, you will find the right pension solution for you - rebelliously simple.

The following "questions" arise for...

Families: A life insurance is particularly suitable for families with children who want to be covered in the event of illness or death. If beneficiaries receive 80 percent of their previous salary through the 1st and 2nd pillars in the event of an accident, then the pension payments will usually be significantly lower in the event of an illness.

Our tip: By taking out a life insurance you can cover your fixed costs, such as your mortgage or rent.

Single parents: Raising children alone is not easy. Being well insured and saving capital for old age is even more difficult - especially if you have a rather limited budget. A detailed retirement savings plan creates financial security for the future.

Our tip: Don't leave your retirement planning to chance. Often the topic "retirement planning" seems like a "book with seven seals", but with our help it can very easy to plan your retirement.

Homeowners: A home provides stability - even in difficult life situations. With the coverage in a risk insurance, your home will remain affordable for your survivors in case of death, ensuring a forced move out of the home can be avoided.

Our tip: Always cover your pension risks (disability & death) first, before you build up the "savings part" for old age through your pension plan. This is vital because if your income is reduced, you can no longer make savings - it's as simple as that 😊.

Cohabiting couples: Many couples today live in cohabitation, which also entails financial risks, especially if there are children involved and one partner only works part-time or not at all. This is because, in the event of death, social insurance benefits are only paid out by law to married couples. With the insurance benefits, the family is financially protected via pillar 3b - even without a marriage certificate. In the case of pillar 3a, there are certain legal restrictions.

Our tip: Since the laws of social insurance are "old-fashioned", we recommend that you take your retirement planning into your own hands. It often does not take much to optimally insure your loved ones.

Self-employed: Often self-employed people do not have a 2nd pillar (pension fund). In this case, a life insurance makes sense, because in the event of disability or death, no benefits are paid from the pension fund. With a life insurance, both you (the insured) and your dependents are covered.

Our tip: Unfortunately, many "self-employed" neglect their pension provision, which often results in large income gaps in old age. However, the fact that payments into a life insurance (3a) for "self-employed" is deductible from taxable income is often forgotten. As a "self-employed" person, you can pay a maximum of 20% of your net income (CHF 34,416.-) into your pension plan per year. This reduces the annual tax bill, in some cases considerably.

It all depends on the right pension advice!

For many, the topic of retirement planning is complex, incomprehensible and tedious - not for Caveo customers 😊.

Our tip: Since the offers of the individual pension providers (bank or insurance) often differ greatly, it is important that you are advised by an actual financial planner. Since we advise you independently and are not bound to any products, we will ensure the best pension solution (products) for you at the fairest price.

Your Caveo Team

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