Pillar 3a - what you should know this year


Pillar 3a - what you should know this year

Every year the sparrows whistle the same song from the rooftops: your private pension is important. The reason: AHV and pension funds are in trouble.

The younger you are, the less you can rely on receiving enough money from the first and second pillars to afford a nice retirement life. So pillar 3a comes into play. What do you need to consider in 2023?

First of all, the good news for everyone who already pays in regularly: The maximum amounts are slightly higher this year, at CHF 7,056 for those with a pension fund and CHF 35,280 (but no more than 20% of net income) for those without a pension fund. The best thing to do is to set up a standing order and transfer money to your pension fund every month.

Now the question remains: bank or insurance solution? Both have the advantage that you make provisions and save taxes. Insurance solutions also include protection for disability or death. If you have children, for example, or would like to provide additional coverage for yourself, this is worthwhile. Bank solutions, on the other hand, give you more flexibility.

We can only tell you which is better for you once we know who you are. Since we at Caveo do not have our own products, we will find the best products on the market for your individual needs and will be happy to make several suggestions.

Now you only need to do three things:

  1. Contact us for a 3a consultation (via the Caveo app or broker@caveo.ch). 
  2. Set up a standing order.
  3. Grow old and enjoy the money.


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