Our office dog will tell you more about pet insurance.


Our office dog will tell you more about pet insurance.

We insure everything. Also woofs and kitties.

Do you have a pet? Congratulations, they keep you healthy, reduce your stress and are good for your memory. So say studies. But cats and dogs in particular also cost money.

Swiss households spend 1.2 billion Swiss francs on their pets every year. Food, toys, dog sitters, vacation care are not free. And veterinary bills can quickly become high. But they don't have to be. Because there is also insurance for your cat or dog.

These cover a very large part of the costs if your four-legged friend has an accident or becomes ill. For example, if your cat is hit by a car or your dog suffers from arthritis.

A pet insurance is nothing else than a health insurance for animals. With one big difference: it costs much less. There are also different offers (more or less deductible, with and without accident coverage). We can tell you which one is best for you when we know more about you and your four-legged friend. The best way is to contact us via 044 278 80 60, broker@caveo.ch or directly via app (chat).

PS: Damage caused by your pet can also be insured. We will be happy to check whether this is included in your liability insurance. 

PPS: Our office pug Lo can confirm that pet insurance is great. He'll be happy to tell you details in person if you write him at broker@caveo.ch (subject "LO"). However, since he often likes to sleep, he doesn't always answer quickly.


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