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Many women look old when they retire.


Many women look old when they retire.

This is how you can narrow the gender gap.

Today we're talking about a vexed but unfortunately still important topic: equal rights. And not on the job, but afterwards. If you're a woman, you may well be short of money when you retire. Lots of money. On average, men receive almost 20,000 francs more in pension each year.

There are several reasons for this: Women more often work part-time, still receive less pay for the same work, and more often take on household chores and childcare - in other words, unpaid work.

How can you change this? Here are some tips:

1. be tougher

 Mr. and Mrs. Swiss still don't like to talk about money. This is especially bad for the female part of the population. It is quite possible that you earn less than your colleagues, although they may not be better, but more demanding. It helps if you talk about your salary with your peers and think about how you can get more out of it at the annual or job interview.

2. be more calculating

 A part-time workload has many advantages, but also risks when it comes to retirement planning. The less you earn today, the lower your pension fund balance will be later. Especially if you cut back on your career in favor of your partner and/or children, this can have nasty consequences in the event of a separation. We at Caveo will be happy to advise you on this and show you what risks you are taking.

3. be more independent

 You can wait for the politicians to help you and increase your pension or for unpaid work to be recognized economically. However, it is unclear if and when this will happen.

So it pays to take action yourself. By paying the maximum into your pillar 3a or buying into the pension fund voluntarily, you can increase your retirement assets. We will also be happy to show you how to do this. Simply contact us via 044 278 80 60 or broker@caveo.ch.

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