Inherited money? We'll tell you how best to invest it.


Inherited money? We'll tell you how best to invest it.

From one day to the next a large sum of money, and perhaps various assets in your account. What to do with it? We will tell you in this article.

Switzerland is a country of heirs. In 2015 alone, the annual estate assets amounted to around CHF 63 billion. 

When you become an heir yourself, it usually happens more or less overnight. Many are then overwhelmed with the question of how best to invest the money. The restructuring of one's own assets should be planned with great care and consideration of various parameters. And not only one's own situation should be taken into account - but also the form of the inheritance. 

Not just a large sum of money

Because in many cases this does not simply come as a large sum of money, but consists of amounts, an investment portfolio, perhaps even a property and other valuable items. 

Only in the rarest of cases does all of this fit the existing investment strategy. This means that one's own asset structure should be optimized after an inheritance. In doing so, various factors must be taken into account:

  • What the current personal and family situation looks like in the "now" - and how it might develop over the coming years, regardless of the inheritance.
  • Whether the assets, including the inheritance, are still distributed among safe and profitable investments in line with risk tolerance and risk capacity. 
  • Which parts of the inheritance fit into the existing assets at all - and which would probably be better sold.  
  • How the inheritance will affect income and wealth tax.
  • Whether, with the suddenly increased assets, the amount of one's own capital in one's own home or company is still appropriate. 
  • What is now changing in terms of retirement planning. 

Answering all these questions and planning the right investment strategy for your new inheritance is not easy. But that's what we're here for: as a Caveo client, you get free advice on all inheritance issues. Plus, we'll help you develop an investment strategy that has the perfect balance of risk, return and liquidity, and keeps tax burdens to a minimum. 

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