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Help. My flight was canceled. Will the travel insurance help?


Help. My flight was canceled. Will the travel insurance help?

And in the vacation season, of all times! The headlines about canceled flights are piling up. Can travel insurance help in such a case? We'll tell you here.

In the meantime, everyone knows someone whose vacation plans did not come true in the Mediterranean, but simply fell through. And this because of a canceled flight. 

That is extremely annoying. Especially if the trip was planned well in advance, and the hotel has already been booked and paid for. If no immediate replacement flight is offered and the flight and hotel were booked separately, the trouble trickles even deeper - into your wallet. 

What's the point of travel insurance?

That's why many people ask themselves in advance: Does travel insurance help in such cases? Unfortunately, we have to tell you: only to a limited extent. Most travel insurances cover more or less the following risks: 

  • Not starting the trip for personal or health reasons (related to yourself, or a close family member) 
  • accident / illness abroad
  • hospitalization / rescue operations
  • Loss of luggage 
  • Legal protection abroad 

So if hotel and flight were booked individually and the flight is cancelled, the responsibility regarding the hotel costs lies with the traveler. The airlines do not want to have anything to do with this - according to the air passenger rights of the European Court of Justice (Regulation No. 261/2004), they only have to take care of a respectable alternative transport, i.e. a (very soon) replacement flight, or else the reimbursement of the airfare. 

Claim compensation 

In order to get a few francs back in the "worst case", compensation can be claimed from the airline. Depending on the flight distance and the duration of the delay, this can be up to 600 euros. Provided, however, is also the reason for the cancellation. In case of bad weather, the airline has no influence on the "go" or "no go" and does not have to pay compensation in this case. In principle, you will not receive compensation if the cancellation is communicated more than two weeks in advance.

However, the procedure leading to compensation is often long and costly. Travel insurance can certainly be of help here. 

In addition, we recommend, especially under the current circumstances, either to book hotels with generous cancellation conditions, or to decide directly via a travel company for a package tour. This costs a bit more, but the travel company is responsible for the execution of the trip. 

Do you want to know more about travel insurance? As a Caveo customer, we can advise you competently and free of charge at any time. Get the app now! 

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