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Goodbye complicated claims - 3 tips on how to easily claim with an insurance.


Goodbye complicated claims - 3 tips on how to easily claim with an insurance.

As diverse as we humans are, so are claims. Every claim is different - but one thing always remains the same: reporting the claim to your own insurance company. For many customers, this can be stressful, amount in tedious paperwork and a lot of effort. But it doesn’t need to be! Here are our "3 tips on how to handle a claim easily".

Flooding in the flat, breaking something in a restaurant, or having a car accident... often the very thought of an event like this may cause many customers to have a "minor nervous breakdown" 😊. Fortunately, it’s usually "only" property damage or fender benders and, as long as no one is injured, there’s no reason to panic. If you follow our "3 tips on how to handle a claim easily ", your claim will almost always be settled quickly and simply. 

1. Keep a record of the damage

Keep receipts and vouchers

Especially with more valuable items, it is important you can verify the original purchase price and the date of purchase. Therefore, for larger or more expensive purchases, keep the original receipt or invoice. You may namely need it to file a claim. And what happens if you lose your receipt? Try asking the shop if they have a copy – with more valuable items, this is usually the case. 

Take photos

Take photos of your valuables to save yourself lengthy explanations and to make registering a claim more easier. The more information you can provide the insurance with, the quicker the claim will be settled.

Caveo's recommendation: Take photos of your possessions - household goods, jewellery, watches, special furnishings or your car - from time to time. If, for example, a watch or jewellery is stolen, photos are particularly helpful - also for the police. 

Create an accident report in the event of a car accident

If you are involved in a traffic accident, for example a rear-end collision, it is essential to document the course of the accident. The "European Accident Report" will help you to do this. We also recommend that you take photographs of the scene of the accident. If anyone is injured or if the person who caused the accident denies being at fault, it is essential to involve the police right from the start - especially abroad.

2. Filing the claim

Fill out an online claim form

As a rule, it is quicker to register a claim online versus registering it at an insurance agency. With just a few details, such as your name, address and policy number, you can register your claim efficiently. In addition, you can upload and send all the necessary documents and photos online at the same time. Too complicated? With our app, you can report any claim easily and in just a few minutes.

Report a claim by phone

If you have an emergency (e.g. car breakdown) and need help as quickly as possible, it makes sense to call your insurance company’s claims hotline. This will allow the insurance to organize help for you immediately. Small hint: You can find the claims hotline of your insurance company in the Caveo app - rebelliously simple.

3. Repair the damage or have it repaired

Let your insurance company repair the damage for you

In this day and age, insurance companies do more than just pay for claims, they also help you with repairs. If you want a claim to be repaired quickly, let your insurance company handle the entire claims process. Depending on your insurance, your insurer will organise and coordinate the entire repair at your request, of course with a lifetime guarantee on the work(s) carried out. 

Claims service

Depending on the type of claim, different services may be available to you. Examples within home- and car insurances:

  • 24-hour emergency service; locksmith service, or drying a building after water damage resulting from a storm
  • Mobile repair, or replacement, in the event of glass damage to the car, at home or at work
  • Etc.

If you are not sure whether you are entitled to an emergency service, and if so which one in particular, simply ask our insurance professionals or book a free consultation over the app now - we would be happy to advise you.

Your Caveo Team

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