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Good New Year's Resolutions


Good New Year's Resolutions

So, what resolutions have you made this year? Here are a few ideas:

More sports. A good idea, it pleases many gyms. Mr. I-close-now-a-year-sabo-ab-and-dive-from-February-never-again is namely the most popular customer. 

Eat healthier. Simply good, this idea. Just like quitting smoking, taking a dry January, shedding pounds or spending less time in front of a screen. At least in theory. If we were gym teachers or nutritionists, we'd be giving you lots of good tips right now.

But unfortunately, we're financial advisors and we're about to spoil your fun. Because if you live healthier, your life expectancy will increase. That means you need more money for your old age.

This brings us to the only resolution where we are halfway useful. Because we know that Mr. and Mrs. Swiss are never interested in their pension provision - except between December 29 and 31. Then they want to quickly pay into their pillar 3a. 

Our tip: Have your situation analyzed without stress. Because apart from pillar 3a, you can also buy into the pension fund, protect your loved ones and perhaps save even more taxes. But it's better to contact us between February and November. Or contact us right now: +41 44 278 80 60, info@caveo.ch or simply download our app at caveo.ch.

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