Dive into 2022 with a standing order. Your future self will thank you.


Dive into 2022 with a standing order. Your future self will thank you.

Even investing just a small amount, such as a cup of coffee a coffee per day, will continuously build up wealth and make a significant financial difference in the long run. At Caveo, thanks to our independence, you have various options to invest your money in a simple and clever way, starting at just CHF 100.-. 😊

Would you like to see a small example? And it's as simple as this:

You invest CHF 100 a month in a fund savings plan (= one coffee a day).

After ten years, a fortune of CHF 15'100* can develop.

We at Caveo are convinced that building up assets is a good idea. Investing these assets cleverly is an even better one. Let 2022 be the year of your best financial decisions you ever made! 🚀

We'll happily advise you - just book an appointment with your Caveo financial planner.

*Calculated with an annual return of 4.45% (this corresponds to the average net return p.a. of a CH balanced portfolio over the last ten years). Risk note: There is no guarantee that losses can be avoided or investment objectives achieved. Historical performance data is no guarantee of current or future results.



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