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Be a pension rebel - The Caveo pension analysis: rebelliously simple, independent and efficient.


Be a pension rebel - The Caveo pension analysis: rebelliously simple, independent and efficient.

At Caveo, we are convinced that pension consulting services need to become much better and simpler. We want to offer you pension advice that is fit for the future - because you deserve more freedom of choice, transparency and simplicity when it comes to your retirement planning.

At Caveo, we focus on you and/or a family and their magical moments like a birth or an emotionally-charged home purchase. Our offering doesn't start with selling you an insurance product - on the contrary, we help you determine your true financial protection needs - without a retirement plan salesman 😉 .

Caveo puts you in control of your wealth development and risk protection to realize your financial goals and desires - rebelliously simple. 

Life changes - for the better

Based on state-of-the-art technology, Caveo risk analysis seamlessly adapts to your changing life situations and visualizes your income and savings gaps at the touch of a button. Through our product-independent analysis, you can easily shop your banking or insurance solutions for financial goals and desires. 

Not in the mood for a retirement planning salesperson? We understand you 😊  

Retirement planning doesn't have to be boring, complicated and oldschool. Our process is completely digital, intuitive and transparent. We offer you a highly precise pension analysis and coverage solutions in the shortest possible time - making pension planning fun: finally understandable and comprehensible. 

The analysis - visualize risks

Create your personalized pension analysis in just a few minutes. The simple and easy-to-understand graphics show pension gaps in the areas of retirement, disability and death. 

Finding a solution - hedging risks

Close the gaps you have identified with the right solutions - digitally and efficiently. If necessary, we can help you find the fairest solutions. 

Life planning - adapt your solutions to your needs

We can tell you from experience: pension planning does not end with the first analysis or after the purchase of a product, but constantly adapts to your changing life situations. The Caveo pension analysis gives you the necessary decision support in every phase of your life, when it makes sense to adapt your insurance coverage or savings process to relevant life events - flexible & dynamic.

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