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8 Habits of Successful Young Entrepreneurs


8 Habits of Successful Young Entrepreneurs

At Caveo, we're convinced that if you want to be successful at work (or at home), you need to get into one or two good habits. In this article, we reveal the best eight from our team.

1. the early bird...

... catches the worm! But what does that mean exactly? Seven o'clock in the morning already at the desk, even if you are not a morning person? We definitely say no to that. But still: Getting up one or two

Researchers have shown that it pays to get up one or two hours earlier than necessary. And we also swear to it. After all, people are at their most creative in the first few hours of the day. That's why we like to use

(offline if possible) either to read, learn something new or to brainstorm.

2. take conscious breaks

Pause, and do so decisively. Either on a 20-minute (offline) stroll through the park, or if there's not enough time, a five-minute meditation session can reset the thinking machine. reset the thinking machine. The important thing is that the breaks are deliberate - i.e. no YouTube videos and no online shopping. That's the best way to give your mind a rest, and you can use the 20 minutes of time can be more than made up for afterwards with a fresh mind.

3. produce instead of consume

If you want to be successful, you should always have a productive mindset - also in the broader sense. sense. This can manifest itself, for example, by choosing a film when going to the cinema, that in some way inspires you positively for your current project. Or visiting exhibitions in museums that have something to do with one's own professional subject matter or that could be inspiring.

4. cultivate a good environment

Sometimes you don't really know what it is. But after a meeting with friend XY you just feel somehow drained. While colleague YZ motivates and inspires you motivates you, inspires you, and after an evening with her you want to sit down at your desk and sketch and sketch new ideas. Be it the nag, the complainer - it is important that we listen to our feelings and intuitions. our feelings and intuitions. And accordingly spend our free time with people who with people who refuel us - and don't drain us. These are then usually also the people from whom from whom we can get proper support when needed, and with whom we can celebrate successes.

5. be organized

Very successful people are often also very busy. If the many appointments, calls and deadlines every day are unorganized and it is difficult to keep track of everything, this often causes further unnecessary stress. How do you prevent this? Quite simply: with to-do lists. We prefer to write them We prefer to write them the night before, each time for the next day.

6. reserve time for inspiration

Podcasts are very popular with us and a good and practical alternative to the somewhat time-consuming time-consuming reading. It's not just about continuing education in your own professional field. We always like to learn something new. Because even the podcast about gardening we get good inspiration for innovations in the world of pensions and insurance.

7. keep a notebook

You won't believe it until you try it: the benefits of the little black notebook. Memories, spontaneous ideas for problem solutions, or even just entangled project thoughts that will hopefully soon make more sense... It doesn't matter what goes into the "little black notebook". And even if you can't decipher what you scribbled at the meeting one day later - a notebook is a good tool for notebook is a good tool for getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

8. pursue passion alongside work

Never forget to spend at least one hour a day pursuing your passion! for at least one hour a day! We often push each other to do this. For some it's cooking, for others it's Traveling or trying new restaurants with friends. None of this has to have anything to do with career. But if you pursue your passion, you're guaranteed an awake spirit and a lot of a lot of energy. In addition, it sharpens one's own personality and ensures healthy self-confidence. self-confidence. And that makes for success in all sorts of aspects of life.

And then a bonus tip: make time for the essentials. For example, by leaving all your insurance and pension stuff in our hands, and in doing so and planning your financial security and future as stress-free as possible. future.

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