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2019 Founding

Caveo AG, based in Zurich, was founded in 2019.

100% owner

Caveo is owner-managed and 100% owned by them.

30 years of experience

Together we have more than 30 years of practical, professional experience in risk management, banking, sales, digital business and IT.

10,000 consultations

With more than 10,000 customer consultations, we know very well the expectations and needs of today's customers with regard to financial, pension and insurance issues.

These are some of the people behind Caveo

We make pension and insurance easy

To make pension and insurance easy and accessible for everyone.


Many customers are overwhelmed by the complexity of insurance and pension issues

The complexity of pension and insurance issues is in stark contrast to their importance. Many consumers find the current range of advice boring, non-transparent and too complicated. As a result, many consumers consciously or unconsciously accept "underfunding" or "provision gaps" that are irreversible in the event of damage.

The Caveo Insurance Platform (CIP) - independent advice thanks to data-driven automation.

Caveo's goal is to create the first digital hub for all pension and insurance solutions in Switzerland. To do this, Caveo aggregates all data from its own customer base (benchmarking & profiling) and uses the "All-Insur-App" to send the user individualized optimization suggestions based on their data-driven comparison metrics (InsurRating). Our Caveo insurance platform gives customers the opportunity to independently obtain information from their advisor, to identify and optimize insurance and pension gaps and to close them with suitable solutions

to the Caveo InsuRating


Our goal is the best possible «financial wellbeing» of each individual

With our platform, we are making pensions and insurance digital and easy to understand for everyone. In this way, we enable people to have a better financial future. Through our platform, we can reach more people who were not previously addressed. Our understandable digital products help make old-age provision and insurance to understand and to act independently in the best possible way. This is how private individuals who use our platform demonstrably save more for their old age.

We are guided by the three fields of action of the CDR compass

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For the good of the people

We implement our digital platform services to minimize poverty in old age and establish access to financial education.

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Gesellschaftliche Grundwerte

We use technology in such a way that it is compatible with and promotes our basic social values such as democracy, freedom, a social market economy and the principle of equal treatment.

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Environment and Climate

In the context of digitization, we want to contribute to resource-saving and socially just development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Digitization means responsibility

As a technology provider, we understand digital responsibility to mean the particularly careful, transparent and secure handling of algorithms and technologies, as well as the storage and processing of data.

Our compliance measures go beyond the legal requirements and include ethical principles. Our IT and our data protection are state-of-the-art at all times. Our software-as-a-service platform is hosted in a Swiss data center. We rely on recognized norms and standards. We use technology and anonymous data to understand people's needs and interests in their individual life situations and to provide them with the best recommendations for easy provision.


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